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Me and the kidlet

I'm a real person and not just a cyber bot! That's me and my adorable little kidlet. We love to have fun and take pictures.

My name is Jenna DeTrapani. I am a happily married wife and mother of a 3 year old “princess” in Palm Harbor, FL. For nearly 5 years (and counting) I have worked for the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (aka NMEDA, a non-profit for the adaptive automotive equipment industry) as their Creative Manager.

I love who I am and I love what I do.

I try my hand at blogging off and on, but you know… Being a full time mom with a 40-hour work week means there’s not much time for anything but the daily commute and child’s play until bed. But now I have a $4,600 goal to fundraise for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure and I will do anything in my power to reach it. And if that means blogging like it’s my new religion, then so be it!

(Oh, and if there’s anything else you would like for me to post here in order to give me more credibility, please comment! I have plenty to spill about my current reads, current events, parenting tips (ha!) or any of the other million-and-one ongoing marathon of thoughts inside my little ol’ head…)

Current Status: My hooters are healthy.

Do it for someone you know whose hooters might not be healthy.
Do it for someone you lost to breast cancer. Make a donation today.

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