Well that ain’t right…

Oh my. Three months since my last blog post. I am so ASHAMED of myself… Too much to talk about now, so I’ll just use this moment to provide an update on my 3-Day experience…

Earlier this month I reached the minimum to “officially” walk in the 3-Day here in Tampa. That’s right, folks. Over $2,300 has been earned. But I will not stop there. Of course I’m going to work hard to earn every dollar I can for the foundation!  That’s how much I believe in what the Susan G. Koman Foundation is doing. Please, if you can, please use my link to the right (or above, or all over the place here in this blog…) to make a donation today. You can even click here!

In addition, the training is also going strong. We’re up to 10 miles now in our official team training walks. And although I have missed a few of those walks here and there, I am still well on my way to being ready for the big event come this October. 🙂 I rock!!!

On that note: We are exactly 3 months away from the start of the 3-Day Event here in Tampa. In fact, check-in opens today and I am eager to sign in! (Maybe I’ll hop to it right after finishing this blog…) Yup, October 28 is the big day! I can’t wait!!!

Until then, please wish lots of luck to all those who are walking for three days this weekend in Cleveland. It’s hard to believe the Event Kick-off and first walk has already taken place (Boston last weekend).

Until next time!

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  1. Looking forward to doing the training walk with you this Saturday!

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