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The Official 3-Day Training Season Begins!

I just came back from the official Tampa Bay 2011 3-Day for the Cure Training Kick-off Event. And while it took place in an indoor (mall) setting, boy was that a HOT walk!

The event started at the 3-Day core sponsor’s location, New Balance (as in the incredible walking/sporting goods shoe store), in Westshore Plaza. We were able to do a foot analysis and shoe fitting as well as enjoy awesome discounts on their products. Then there was a brief overview and walking pep talk before we took off in the mall (pre-opening hours, so no distractions or crowds other than the walkers).

I was able to reunite with walkers that I have met before in previous (unofficial) walks. One of which is a nice woman, named Debbie, a 15 year breast cancer survivor. In addition, I finally decided to join a team here in town, ‘Thanks for the Mammories’. They are an impressive group of women with whom I look forward to sharing this journey with as we get ready for the “Big Event” (only 6 months to go!) They will be a great “support group” as I discipline myself while training. I need someone to help get my butt in gear, someone to say “HEY! Get up off that couch! We’re walking today!” No excuses, Jenna… Thanks to my new team, there will also be plenty of opportunity for me to get in shape and make an amazing new group of friends (which is something I could definitely use). 🙂

I’m definitely feeling the drive to do more with this event this weekend, so I made myself a challenge to raise at least $100 for the 3-Day before the weekend is out (since there were almost 100 people in attendance at the Kick-off). Could you help me reach this goal? Remember: Your donation goes toward something even bigger than helping me reach a simple goal. You could help save someone’s life today.

Thank you.

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My Mom’s Healing Inspiration

A good book for healing and guidance? Time shall tell.

Another book came to my attention recently, this time courtesy of my mom. She’s very passionate about the subject of healing and self-help, two subjects which I naturally tend to avoid. But just recently she became so excited about this book titled ‘The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing’ by Beth Baughman DuPree. So-much-so that she insisted on purchasing the $30 book for me at full retail cost (in this current day and age, and with your government job currently on the line, THAT’S what I call excitement!) 

It reached my doorstep today, and I must say, having not even read more than a handful of pages, I am already engrossed. Mind you, I have a feeling this book may become overly preachy (“spiritual healing angels” and “chakras” are frequent topics) but I couldn’t help but mention the book here, as it has supposedly inspired my mom to finally decide to commit to the 3-Day along with me this year.

According to it’s description on

“Product Description

This wonderful book is filled with stories of healing, curing and the ongoing and wonderful interaction between Dr DuPree and her family of patients. It tells the story of her journey from Western-trained medicine to being a surgeon with a new and transforming belief in the power of spirit to heal even when cure is not attainable. This new edition contains a long series of spiritual messages on healing, trust and hope.

About the Author

Dr Beth Dupree, breast cancer surgeon in Pennsylvania, has performed surgery on thousands of patients. The personal and energetic connection she shares with her patients is as important to the healing process as the surgery she performs. Her focus as a phusician has shifted from one based solely in Western medicine to one that combines the wisdom of Eastern medicine with state of the art Western medical technology. She is the founder of The Healing Consciousness Foundation which supports healing services for breast cancer patients. A portion of the proceeds of this book is donated to the Foundation. She is married and the mother of two sons.”
At it’s core, this is a book about dealing with the inevitable after being diagnosed with cancer (specifically breast cancer – see the connection?)  The author herself has even participated in the 3-Day. I hope to gain plenty of inspiration from this book. I will update as I continue to read it for myself.

Thank you, mom!

Current Status: My hooters are healthy. My heart is heavy. My mind is open.

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